MYOB Essentials problems.

Our clients mostly use either Xero or MYOB essentials accounting package.

Our MYOB essentials clients continue to report problems with the system often down or very slow. In addition, a new user interface makes the system almost unrecognizable and requires a significant lead time to learn.

Our office has also struggled with MYOB Essentials over the past several months as the adviser platform is also evolving.

A Google search of term ‘MYOB problems’ provides a long list of unhappy MYOB users.

The problems are a result of major upgrade work that MYOB is undertaking. Whilst I’m always keen to see improvements, much of the current ‘improvement’ is inefficient at best. It can be very annoying when an app attempts to provide improvements and delivers only pain!

Remember that we are offering a free transfer service from MYOB to Xero. A large number of clients have taken up this offer. The Xero & MYOB monthly subscription fees are very similar. Our transfer service brings across balances at a particular date, and accounts receivable. We also produce and store a full copy of your MYOB ledger with every transaction for the past 3 years. We can provide a copy of that to you at no fee. Once the ledger report is stored, you will be able to close your MYOB file. You can expect an overlap of two months in monthly charges.

Please email janelle if you would like to take up the offer to change to Xero.

The information in this article is general in nature and might not be right for your circumstances. 
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