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Struggle no longer with compiling your records and BAS preparation.

Our fixed fees start at $99 a month, we can prepare your BAS using Xero or MYOB cloud. We even have a file check service if you prefer to lodge your own BAS. We will give everything a review for your peace of mind.

Our bookkeepers are all supervised by qualified accountants and pride themselves on offering a quality, cost effective range of bookkeeping services for businesses.

With this consistent monitoring, you can avoid those end of year tax surprises. Our staff keep track of your tax commitments – completely FREE of charge – so you can have accurate, effective control of your cash flow.

Free VIP Tax Planning Session

BAS and Tax clients, are entitled to another of our FREE services: a VIP Tax Planning Session with one of our talented accountants in May of each year.

While reviewing significant transactions throughout the year, we can easily make all the necessary calculations, estimate your obligations, and help you prepare for a new year of operations.

If you prefer to use your own tax accountant, no problem. We will ensure your records are ready for tax time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely - If you've already got too many things to think about within your business, hiring an expert bookkeeper will allow you to focus on the bigger picture.

A dedicated bookkeeper will keep your books accurate and give you peace of mind since you'll have one less complicated task to think about.

Our exceptional bookkeepers really get to know the businesses we work with and we'll be able to provide you with expert insights into your business finances.

Talk to us and you'll never spend a late night worrying about your books or business finances again.

It is definitely a possbility for you to do your own bookkeeping.

As your business grows, your time will become more precious and managing the books will get more complex.

When this happens, it is a good idea to consider delegating the books to a professional bookkeeper.

This really depends on what your immediate needs are.


A Bookkeeper's role is to record transactions and keep your business finances organised.

It's a more day-to-day administrative role which can include tasks such as:

  • Recording and categorising payments / expenses.
  • Sending invoices and record payments received.
  • Conducting bank reconciliations/.
  • Generating financial statements.
  • Processing payroll.
  • Preparing the books for your accountant.
  • Providing end of financial year reports and tax documents to the accountant.


Whereas an accountant's role is centered around interpretation and analysis of your finances, as well as advising you on tax related matters.

This can include things like:

  • Preparing / adjusting entries.
  • Analysing the cost of business operations.
  • Advising you when making financial decisions for the business.
  • Reviewing and analysing financial statements.
  • Assess financial health of the business & providing forecasts.
  • Performing audits.
  • Filing tax returns, tax planning and tax advice.

If you’re unsure whether you’re ready to hire a bookkeeper, consider these benefits.

Useful Insights into the Financial Health of your Business

Your bookkeeper will periodcally provide you with a balance sheet, income statement and a cashflow statement.

This gives you crucial insights into the financial health of your business.

Your financial statements are prepared according to accounting standards so your accountant can easily interpret/analyse your financials and file your tax.

Potential to Pay Less in Tax

Our experienced bookkeepers understand which expenses are tax deductible and can flag that with you.

Additionally, the cost of using bookkeeping services is also a tax deduction.

Pay Less in Accounting Fees

Generally, an accountant's fees are more expensive than a bookkeeper.

When you regularly provide accurate and correct financial statements to your accountant, it's going to save you time and money at tax time.

Working with a bookkeeper means your accountant will have all the documents they need, they won't need to correct errors and will spend far less time completeing your tax return.

Save Time & Lower your Stress Levels

When you spend less time on tasks like bookkeeping, you’ll have more time to focus on your clients and business growth.

Profits Might Increase

Bookkeepers have the experience to efficiently manage your bookwork, giving you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

A recent survey conducted by Xero shows that a companies’ profits increase 16% on average after they hire bookkeepers.

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