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We understand that small business owners often find themselves paying wages after hours and can’t wait for their bookkeeper to calculate the net wages payable. So, they enter the pay details in their bookkeeping system, making several errors, just to work out how much to pay their employees.

This can cause a nightmare as payroll errors are not easy to correct.

Here are some of the most common Payroll Errors.

The easiest way to be Payroll compliant

  • We lodge the Single Touch Payroll with the ATO. 
  • At BAS time we prepare your BAS and send it to you for signing before lodgement.
  • We also prepare your super return. 
  • Our payroll clients use our easy to use Payroll App (simple and FREE.)

How it Works for Casual Employees:

  • Employers link to our Payroll App  – anytime 24/7.
  • Enter the details with Hours and Gross.
  • The App instantly calculates the tax and emails you the Gross, and Net Pay so that you can transfer the net wage to your employee. No waiting for your bookkeeper – it’s automated.
  • That’s it. Pay your employees and nothing more for you to do!

The App also sends us at B2B the details and we process the pay run in Xero and email the pay slip to your employees and to you within 24 business hours, so you are compliant. No more costly payroll errors .

How it Works for Permanent Employees:

No need to use the app, we will check the regular wage payments in your Xero file each Monday, and process payroll from that.

Clients using our Payroll services also use our easy Leave Approval App.  It’s simple and FREE:

  • Employees (usually Permanent) request annual and sick leave by linking to the App and entering their details.
  • This sends an approval request to the employer.
  • The employer either accepts or rejects the leave request.
  • Rejected leave requests are sent to the employee with a reason.
  • Accepted leave requests are sent to the employee and to us at B2B for processing to ensure that you are not overcharged for staff leave.
Get Started with Payroll

What’s the cost involved? 

We have included the cost of our payroll service below:

  • a set fee of $33 for the first employee + $22 for each additional employee, per pay run.
  • The Apps are FREE to our Payroll Clients.
  • A one off set up fee per employee  $77 (free for a limited time)

Bonus Tip 1:  Simplify your Payroll process by changing to a fortnightly Pay cycle. This halves the number of pay runs and the cost and time to do them. 

Bonus Tip 2:  Pay your employees on the last day of the pay cycle after everyone is at work to avoid costly sick leave adjustments. It’s absolutely allowed and drastically reduces errors. It makes little sense to pay employees on Wednesday for the week ended Friday. That practice causes costly errors when an employee calls in sick on Friday, because wages processed as ordinary earnings should have been processed as leave and now require correction.  If your pay cycle ends on Friday, pay your employees anytime on Friday after they have arrived at work. The Practice of paying Wednesday or Thursday for the week ended Friday has largely ceased since the introduction of Single Touch Payroll, because making adjustments is very time consuming and costly.

Note: You must give employees 4 weeks notice if you want to change the pay cycle.

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